FIXMYPCUK Computer Repairs

Around the Manchester area

We can help you with upgrading your computer

From adding more memory, (ram) putting a larger hard drive in right up to building you a complete computer to your specifications.

We can help you source parts, and recommend upgrades should you wish and then fit them for you for the all in one price of £60

We do not supply any parts (other than memory upgrades up to 4GB which are included in the price we quote) you will have to supply them yourself.

This is so you shop around for the best deal and lowest prices. All we do is install them for you and make sure they are working properly.

We can give you advice on where to shop if you ask us.

This not only keeps out costs down by not having to keep any stock but also helps you because you know that unlike some other places we will not "rip you off"

The price we quote is the price you pay.

Posted on February 23rd 2013