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Accidentally deleted files/pictures and want them back?

If you have accidentally deleted pictures, ciles or even whole folders off your computer there is a very good chance we can get most if not all of it back for you

It's important you act quickly so where the information was isn't overwritten.

The best way to do this is not to use your computer but call us instead.

Even simple things like looking on web pages or playing music can overwrite the deleted sectors making retrieval more difficult.

Contact us for more information.


File Recovery Backup Rates

Data Recovery

  • Data, files, pictures, music, documents, favorites, email
  • 2 stage method keeps upfront costs low.
  • Hard drives, memory cards, USB flash cards, external hard drives

Stage 1 Hard Disk Data File Recovery


  • Stage 1 data recovery is designed to recover files that are accidentally deleted, corrupted, or lost, Fixed price of £60

Stage 2 Hard Disk Data File Recovery


  • Advanced data recovery is designed for hard drives with blown motors, severe head crashes or major mechanical malfunctions.
  • FROM £450 to over £2000 if the drive is badly damaged, if successful.
    This is only recommended for broken drives with valuable information on it like irreplacable pictures of children, places visited etc.

We cannot do this ourselves but we will give you details of a company that does and you can send it direct to them.

USB Media Recovery


  • USB stick
  • £30 to try, £60 if successful

Flash Card Media Recovery


  • Camera card, memory card other removable flash media, camera card, or phone card
  • £30 to try, £60 if successful

Posted on February 23rd 2013