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ASK FM - the dangers is an internet site where strangers ask questions to other people.

Unfortunately it seems that most of the people that use the site are children,
and they get asked the most inapropriate questions,
and often suffer severe bullying not only from other children who may or may not know them personally but also by adults.

There are a lot more examples I could show you, including ones where young people are bullied - so badly that in at several cases it's led to suicide.

If you had a 15 or 16 yr old girl (or boy) would you be happy with complete strangers asking them what colour underwear they were wearing, are they a virgin, what size boobs, if its a boy what size penis, how far have they gone, how far would they go, can they post pictures of them self im underwear or naked, or can they show videos of them the same way?

How would you feel if this was your 11, 12 13 or 14 yr old child?

Now what if I told you that children as young as 10 are being subjected to this every day?

The following is taken from 2 girls ASK FM sites, they were both 13 when they posted these answers
The questions are in red, the answers from the girls in blue.

Will you ever let a guy cum on your tits
Why not
Up for a fuck I know Youl love it;)
How do you know:o?
Can I spunk all over your bastard tits;)
You're so romantic ;)
1- bra colour 2-bra size 3- are you a virgin 4- sexiest outfit 5- underwear colour 6- knickers or thong 7-older or younger guy 8- biggest turn off 9- biggest turn on 10- sexiest underwear
Cream and maroon, -, yes, don't know, grey, wearing boxers, older, greasy hair, smelling nice, dont know
Bra size from new look primark and la senza
34C/D, 32DD and 32D
We're do u buy ur bra's from ? Xxx
John Lewis, New Look, Primark. One or two from La Senza.
Can't really think of other places
Knicker color? bra color?
Leopard print and black
How old are you going to be?
Knicker & bra color?
Red knickers and black bra
You're thirteen and you wear thongs?
i have a boner what should i do
put your dick in this and squeeze tight x 
Do a game of dares on video with the other girl?xxx
do a video of you both kissing?xxx
show legs?
show bra? xxxxx
Knicker color? xxxx
show knickers?
show ur knickers and bra on cam
you're a slut if you don't strip down to a t-shirt and pants and I will report your, do it or you will be blocked by your internet provider

These were video responces, I didn't play them to see what they did and I won't post links to them either.
However if it was your 13yr old daughter you'd be horrified that they were doing this.
This is not a place you want your child exploring, no matter how old they are, in my personal opinion it should be shut down.

Posted on February 23rd 2013