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Cyberbullying is when one person or a group of people aim to threaten, tease or embarrass someone else by using a phone, the internet or other technology.

This 2nd video against bullying was also made by Chantelle, she lives in Basildon and is only 14 yrs old. It impressed me so much I asked permission to post it here. Everyone needs to see it.
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The school bully is quick to exploit new methods of bullying which means the problem is not left at the school gates.

Many pupils are being targeted with cyberbullying in their own homes, on Facebook, phone calls, Text Messages, silent calls, on instant messengers including BBM and by abusive websites and forums set up to cause humiliation and embarrassment.

Fortunately, no matter how careful the bully is to cover his/her tracks, there is no hiding place in cyberspace and the police can track their digital fingerprints down to an individual computer or mobile phone.

Thankfully most bullies don't use their brains and don't realise the simple things such as

Mobile telephone operatore store ALL text messages for several years these can be retreived and used in court if needed

Internet operators (isp's) save copies of all emails sent and again these can be retreived and used in court if needed

Deleting items off a computer does not mean they are deleted, if you write something on your computer this can be undeleted and used in a court of law so if you'r a bully who does such things, Please use your brains now and stop. If your a parent of anyone being bullied online or through their phone then please get in contadct with the police, they can have your computer inspected and retreive all avidence off it, and if your a child afraid to tell anyone then please talk to someone. Here are some links just for people being bullied or people wanting to know more

Thanks to the students from Edgewater Charter School in Virginia, USA and their teacher Miss Svensson, especially Bella Lyn, Andrew, Ben M, Derrik, Angela P, for some of the following links - your help is gratefully appreciated.

If anyone else comes up with any better ones, or have any ideas on what to add to the page (or if you want to write a page on it yourselves just get in touch and I'll be glad to help

Some of these links are American and some British, but the message and help they give relevant and can be used by everyone around the world.

REMEMBER the best advice to give someone using a computer to talk to someone is turn Logging on, this will record everything said by both people and is a feature of most communications programs used on the internet and is usually in the settings option
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Posted on February 23rd 2013